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Our BLAST app allows you run a variety of searches (BLASTN, BLASTP, BLASTX, etc). with numerous databases:

  • TAIR10 chromosome Sequences
  • Araport11 protein sequences (CDS translation) - Pre-Release 3 (Dec 2015)
  • Araport11 coding sequences (CDS) - Pre-Release 3 (Dec 2015)
  • TAIR10 protein sequences (CDS translation)
  • TAIR10 coding sequences (CDS)
  • TAIR10 transposable elements
  • TAIR10 introns
  • SwissProt curated and reviewed plant proteomes
  • UniProt trEMBL green plant proteomes
  • .....many others.....


Our BLAST app also supports:

  • Selecting previously used FASTA files from your Araport storage as input for BLAST
  • Uploading your own FASTA fie to be used as a BLAST database

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