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  • ThaleMine: Creating and Using Gene Lists

    This brief videos illustrates how to create lists of genes in ThaleMine

  • How To Analyze A List Of Genes

    This tutorial shows you how to analyze a list of gene by List Analysis, a feature in ThaleMine.

  • How To Intersect Multiple Lists Of Genes In ThaleMine

    This tutorial demonstrates how to intersect your lists of genes in ThaleMine.

  • How To Visualize Your BAM File in JBrowse

    This video demonstrates how to visualize your BAM files in JBrowse on Araport. You need to have a sorted and indexed BAM file (BAM and BAI) locally or accessible via URLs.

  • How To Find Arabidopsis Mutant In Araport

    This video shows you how to use JBrowse to find Arabidopsis mutant.