ThaleMine 1.10.0 Release


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ThaleMine was updated to version 1.10.0 on Sep 7, 2016. ThaleMine is available at

Release Notes

Major Changes

  • ThaleMine 1.10.0 added the following new data contents:
    • Insertional mutatnts identified by TDNA-seq from segregating SALK, SAIL and WiscDsLox lines
  • ThaleMine 1.10.0 includes the following updated datasets:
    • TAIR curated data (gene symbols, aliases, curator summary and computational descriptions) from TAIR public data release 06/30/2016
    • Curated (SwissProt) and Computationally derived (trEMBL) protein data from Uniprot, updated to release 2016_07
    • Protein domain data from InterPro, updated to release v58.0. Protein domains now include coordinates (signatures) from InterPro protein2ipr
    • Gene-to-publication mapping from NCBI gene2pubmed, updated to release 08/12/2016
    • Curated Gene Reference Into Function (GeneRIF) annotation of gene records from the NCBI gene database, updated to release 08/12/2016
    • GO annotations from, update to release 08/01/2016
    • Plant Ontology (PO) annotations showing plant anatomical and developmental stages from TAIR public data release 06/30/2016
    • Homology data from Panther, updated to release v11.0
  • For more detailed information about datasets available via ThaleMine, please see:
  • ThaleMine 1.10.0 runs InterMine 1.6.7, the latest version of the software

Minor Changes

  • On ThaleMine gene/transcript report pages, the embedded JBrowse displayer now uses the fixed InterMine populate-child-features post-processor and JBrowse REST API endpoint(s) to retrieve and visualize the spliced gene structure