Web Services Development with Adama


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Araport developers create web services using a tool called Adama. Adama is an Araport server-side software component. Adama is a web service that lets Araport users install and manage their own web services. The Adama home page has additional documentation about adapter types.

Adama allows users to identify source code via a URL to a public source code repository hosted somewhere like GitHub. The source code performs an adapter function by standing between the Araport user and some third party data provider. Currently, Adama accepts only codes written in Python and metadata written in YAML.

Adama installs the adapter to a containerized environment on a virtual machine within the Araport server environment. Once installed, the adapter offers an Araport URL and runs as proxy to the third party service. Installed adapters benefit from Araport's central location, automatic documentation, authentication and logging, and technical support.

Adama adapters expose a limited set of endpoints. (Endpoint?? The word "search" is the endpoint in a URL like "http://api.araport.org/community/0.3/myspace/myservice/search?param=value".) Passthru adapters have one main endpoint, access, which may be called with HTTP GET or HTTP POST. Query adapters have two main endpoints: list provides a list of IDs, and search retrieves details about one ID. All adapters also support secondary endpoints such as icon (retrieves an image), prov (returns provenance information such as author and publication), stats (usage statistics), and health (server statistics).