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Making sure a web service adapter is installed

A previous blog post explained in detail how to install a web service adapter on Araport (see Installing a web service adapter on Araport). Here we will go through the process of installing a web service adapter and then making sure that it has been properly installed. The example adapter will have some errors so it doesn't install properly at first. We will use 'curl' commands within a Unix terminal to accomplish this task.

Web service adapters and timeouts: An example

Here's an interesting problem that can occur when working with a web service adapter running under Adama at Araport.

We recently had an adapter from our collaborators at the Meyers Lab stop working. We will use 'curl' commands within a Unix terminal to diagnose the problem.

Science Apps workspace update to v0.3.1: no more three-file restriction!

Araport has a new Science Apps loader. This update lifts the three-file restriction on Science Apps projects. Previously, app developers were restricted to editing three files: app.html, app.css, and app.js. The new Science Apps infrastructure accepts more user content, making it easier for developers to port existing applications to Araport. Now, the apps directory may contain arbitrary content including code, data, and images. Now, developers declare their files in an araport-app.json file.

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