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Greetings, developers and data providers! Araport is a new kind of science resource, where the community is not only invited to contribute functionality, but is empowered to do so. Araport is powered by cutting edge technologies such as Drupal, the iPlant Agave API, Bootstrap, Node.js, and InterMine. You can find documentation and resources here for how to get started using Araport.

Araport Documentation

Documentation on how to use Araport. The below documentation sets are available now.

  • Learn how to build a Science App using the Araport infrastructure! The following pages provide step-by-step guides and walk-throughs for everything from setting up your development environment to building advanced applications using application templates and everything in between.

  • Learn how to build web services using Adama. The following pages provide a tutorial to get started.


Science Apps

  1. Install git
  2. Install node using your preferred method
  3. Install npm dependencies

    $ npm install -g yo \
      grunt-cli bower \
  4. $ mkdir my-first-science-app

  5. $ cd my-first-science-app
  6. $ yo aip-science-app
  7. $ grunt

Community APIs (ADAMA)

  1. Grab a token and define:

    $ export TOKEN=<my token>
  2. Check that you get access to the Adama API:

    $ export URL=
    $ export ADAMA=$URL/community/v0.3
    $ curl -Lk -H \
      "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
       "api": "Adama v0.3",
       "hash": "c08ae5...",
       "status": "success"
  3. Proceed with the tutorial.

Open Source

Araport is open source. The development work happens in the Araport organization at Github. There are many repositories, most of them only of interest for the core developers of the portal. This is a curated list of useful repositories for app and data developers.

App Infrastructure

App examples

Data infrastructure

Data adapter examples

Portal infrastructure

Additional Resources