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Araport is more than a warehouse for A. thaliana data. In addition to the Arabidopsis Col-0 genome annotation that we host, Araport encourages the community to integrate their own data resource and make them available though Araport Community Data APIs. We also provide an array of tools for searching, viewing, and interacting with data both that we host and that is hosted by the community.

Data Warehouse


ThaleMine is an Arabidopsis thaliana-specific data warehouse with powerful query functions

Drill down on the genome. Analyze gene and protein data from TAIR, expression and interaction data from BAR, ortholog data from Panther, and more. Generate, save, and analyze result sets. Use plain text or structured queries to find interactive gene pages and protein reports.

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Genome Browsers


Interactively explore the Arabidopsis genome and annotation in a graphical browser

JBrowse lets you explore DNA sequence graphically. It presents sequence on a horizontal axis with a horizontal scroll bar. When zoomed in close, it displays the nucleotide sequence. When zoomed out, it displays gene models including exons and introns. When zoomed out further, it shows histograms of number of features per unit length e.g. genes per mega base pair. JBrowse is configured to group features by type in horizontal "tracks" that can each be maximized, minimized, or excluded as screen space allows.

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Data APIs

API Explorer

Interact with a variety of public REST web services providing community-published Arabidopsis data and other services

Bioinformaticians rejoice! Every application programming interface used by the Araport project is available right in your browser in an interactive console. Learn about and use services published not only by our team but by your Arabidopsis-loving colleagues as well. Interested in adding your own services here? Head over to the Araport Developer Zone.

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Data Downloads

Data Downloads

Download the latest data flat files for use in your own bioinformatics analysis

Powered by the iPlant Data Store, the Araport Data Downloads area provides an organized set of files and directories with all the latest text files needed to develop new bioinformatics analyses, such as gene lists, protein sequence files, and full genome assemblies. These data can also be found at iPlant under /iplant/home/araport/public

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