Bioinformatics Postdoc Position


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Hiring Institution

The Ohio State University


A funded postdoctoral position is available for a bioinformatician or computational biologist in the Slotkin laboratory at The Ohio State University.

The Slotkin laboratory investigates the epigenetic regulation of transposable elements, focusing on how active transposable elements are first identified and targeted for silencing in plant genomes.

The position will study the epigenetic regulation of transposable elements across plant species using computational and bioinformatic techniques. These genome-wide approaches will use existing public data and new data produced in the Slotkin lab to explore the epigenetic regulation of the plant genome. In addition, the position will create new software tools to enable novel bioinformatic approaches. The position will conduct bioinformatic research with the goal of publication, as well as mentor and advise staff and students in the laboratory. The hired postdoc will be expected to seek intramural and external fellowships and funding.

How to apply

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