Why are the web app list naming restrictions different from the client API?


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I was able to upload a number of lists having the form "A.B:C" using the python client API, however if I try to manually name a list with periods and colons in the web app (e.g. from making an intersection between two lists) I get a message saying I can't name it that. Obviously you actually can have those in the name, so why the limitation when you do it via the web application?

This is a known issue, currently being investigated. As a resolution, please name your lists according to the constraints enforced by the ThaleMine webapp.

Hi Samuel,

Thank you for reporting this discrepancy in the list naming constraints enforced by the InterMine webapp interface when compared with the InterMine API interface. This issue is being investigated by the members of the core InterMine group, as it affects not just ThaleMine. There is a GitHub ticket tracking a related issue: https://github.com/intermine/intermine/issues/380

We will send you an update once this has been resolved. In the meanwhile, here is our request to you (and other users of ThaleMine):
Please name your lists based on the more stricter naming constraints enforced by the web application.

Thank you Vivek @ Araport