Where are my lists upload using python web service API?


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First time user but I'm really liking it so far, way better than TAIR website.

But the main issue is that I had a lot of different lists of genes from my own python scripts and such and I uploaded those as intermine.lists using the python API. I can access them further using my python interpreter but they are not showing up on the web page. I would like to be able to get to those lists via the web page as well, but they don't seem to be showing up. So, where are they or do I just have to wait a day to see them?

I tried logging out and logging back in to no avial. I am sure that I successfully uploaded them because I can retrieve intermine data on all of the genes now.

It will be useful for collaborators to see these lists on the web page, is there a way to make the lists visible to other people without creating a shared account?

Another, possibly related, issue is if I try to delete a test list from my lists view that does not work.


Lists uploaded programmatically (or via the web interface) should appear both on your private "My Mine" page and the "Lists" page under the 'View' subtab.

Hello ~salotz,

When viewing your private lists on the ThaleMine web interface, they should be visible both via the My Mine page (https://apps.araport.org/thalemine/mymine.do?subtab=lists) and via the top-level Lists View page (https://apps.araport.org/thalemine/bag.do?subtab=view), irrespective of whether they were created via the API or via the web interface.

Regarding the “Demo” lists, you are correct about the fact that they cannot be deleted. This is because they are owned by the ThaleMine superuser, and have been set as public + read-only.

Regarding the sharing of lists, the current list sharing interface available in the My Mine page, requires the username to be typed in with the prefix ARAPORT:. For example, if you wished to share a list with me, you would have to specify my username as ARAPORT:vivek. Unfortunately, this is how the current list sharing interface is set up to operate. In the near future, we plan to optimize this workflow to accept usernames without the ARAPORT: prefix, as well as accept the email addresses of other users.

Finally, thank you for the valuable suggestion regarding making user defined lists public. Currently, the InterMine software only allows the superuser account to toggle lists to become public/private. We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration for future releases of ThaleMine.

Thank you!
Vivek @ Araport