When will the pre-release of Araport11 annotation become the official release


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And what does pre-release mean? What annotation does a general search hit (TAIR10 or Araport11) at the moment? thanks Paul

The pre-release will become the official release after it has been accepted by NCBI

We made the pre-release in late June to encourage community input, corrections etc. At this point (late July), we are doing some clean-up based upon input from TAIR, NCBI and others. The cleaned pre-release (#2) will be ready in a few weeks and be posted at Araport and submitted to NCBI. The official release will be the one that passes NCBI QC and includes their identifiers as well as ours.

ThaleMine search hits TAIR10; JBrowse search hits Araport11

JBrowse has been updated and contains Araport11 annotation plus many evidence tracks. The current ThaleMine build (v1.6.1) contains TAIR10 genome annotation. The next build will incorporate Araport11 annotation.