When linking to specific Araport pages from my web site, which URLs should I use?


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I want my web pages to have links to Araport. Which URLs should I use? I would like to provide links to Araport pages including the home page, specific gene detail pages, and browser windows centered on a gene.

Use a permanent URL pattern.

See the FAQ (https://www.araport.org/help/faq) for patterns of permanent URLs.

It is important to use a permanent URL when linking to Araport. One example of a permanent URL is (http://www.araport.org/locus/At4g25530). The various applications within Araport display temporary URLs. These change upon server updates to software or databases. For example, this ThaleMine URL (https://apps.araport.org/thalemine/report.do?id=1516045&trail=|1516045) hits the same gene page as the previous URL, but only in ThaleMine 1.4.