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Greetings Arabidopsis researchers!

Welcome to the Araport Community Curation Portal. The portal uses Web Apollo which has a JBrowse interface and allows users to edit gene models based upon various sources of evidence available as browser tracks. Web Apollo allows changes made by one user to become instantly viewable by others, allowing the community to see and share annotation updates in real-time - just like Google Docs. What will happen to your contribution(s)? Curators at Araport will regularly review community curation, and work with you to publish your datasets as part of a community curation track at JBrowse, with appropriate attribution to the contributors.

To begin

  • Register to become an Araport Community Curator
  • Receive login credentials from Araport
  • Familiarize yourself with the Web Apollo User Guide to learn how to manually curate in Web Apollo
  • Sign in to Web Apollo and start working on your favourite genes
  • Contact us if you have any further questions