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Araport is a one-stop-shop for Arabidopsis thaliana genomics. Araport offers gene and protein reports with orthology, expression, interactions and the latest annotation, plus analysis tools, community apps, and web services. Araport is 100% free and open-source. Registered members can save their analysis, publish science apps, and post announcements. READ MORE 

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Requests for comment (RFC) are an informal process for us to request outside input concerning policies and guidelines on how the Arabidopsis thaliana genome, annotation, and enabling data infrastructure are managed.

RFC001: Arabidopsis Data API controlled vocabulary draft specification

The Araport team has developed a lightweight controlled vocabulary for use in newly-created web service APIs. The objective is to minimize confusion among services when users are making related queries. We wish for the community to examine the initial draft before we commence work on using the specification in development of production web services.

The current draft can be found at the Araport GitHub.

Comments are open until May 30, 2015.

Title Submitter Publication Description
DICER Albrecht von Arnim Gene was first cloned by Steve Jacobsen as CARPEL FACTORY.
cytoplasmic mRNA decay pathway Leslie E. Sieburth My lab discovered a novel cytoplasmic mRNA decay pathway as the suppressor of decapping mutants, and we called the gene SUPPRESSOR OF VARICOSE.
The Impact of Arabidopsis on Human Health: Diversifying Our Portfolio Marie-Theres The Impact of Arabidopsis on Human Health: Diversifying Our Portfolio
Crystal structure of yeast TATA-binding protein and model for interaction with DNA Bernd Only after that also the structure of yeast TBP was published. And this although at that time studies on in vitro transcription where much more advanced in yeast, human and drosophila cells.
Crystal structure of TFIID TATA-box binding protein. Bernd the crystallization of TBP (TATA Binding protein) did first work for the Ath protein