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Drill down on the genome. Analyze gene and protein data from TAIR, expression and interaction data from BAR, ortholog data from Panther, and more. Generate, save, and analyze result sets. Use plain text or structured queries to find interactive gene pages and protein reports.



Scroll through the genome and zoom in for details. Layer on annotation tracks that display TAIR 10 gene structure data, EPIC-CoGe epigenomics data, and more. Use the latest, fully featured GMOD JBrowse tool (or, for a limited time, the older GBrowse tool).


Science Applications

Find other interactive application programs that help you explore plant genomics. Araport hosts applications that integrate data from other web sites using the web services model of on-request data exchange. Araport hosts science apps that were contributed by its members and its users.


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Use your sequence to search for homology across a selection of Arabidopsis genomic data sets and collections of plant proteomes.


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Download complete or customized data sets, in various formats (GFF, FASTA, etc), for your own analysis pipelines.


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Araport is the community portal for Arabidopsis sequence, annotation, and community data.



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The database server upgrade has been completed. The ThaleMine and GBrowse services should be back up and running. Visit https://apps.araport.org/thalemine and https://apps.araport.org/gb2/gbrowse/arabidopsis to access the applications. Please write to us at araport@jcvi.org if you notice any problems.

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