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Latest News

Portal - May 2015

The Araport Portal was updated on May 4, 2015. This update includes a new homepage, menu and page organization, as well as several new features. The new menu and page organization reflects the focal points of the Araport Portal and is designed to guide users more quickly to the features and information they are seeking.

(Updated) Portal Service Interruptions for Upgrades

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 15:00 to 17:00

Updated 2015-05-04 17:02 CST

The upgrade is complete. See this update's release notes for additional information.

Original Posting

We will be performing updates and upgrades to the Araport Portal. Users may experience service interruptions during the upgrade process.

ThaleMine 1.5.1 Release

ThaleMine was updated to version 1.5.1 on 17 April 2015. ThaleMine is available at

Release Notes

Minor Changes

  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) used for authenticating ThaleMine web service calls are now parsed to retrieve the correct enduser claim [MINE-764]
  • Web service documentation for ThaleMine now presents Arabidopsis specific example queries [MINE-776]

ThaleMine 1.5 Release

ThaleMine was updated to version 1.5 on 03 April 2015. ThaleMine is available at

JBrowse was updated to version 1.11.6 on 03 April 2015. JBrowse is available at

Release Notes

Major Changes

Arabidopsis Research Roundup

Your UK Arabidopsis Research Round-up this week contains studies that aim to define a network of lateral root formation, elucidate modes of calcium signaling, determine mechanisms of epigenetic memory and also the influence of exon-edge evolution in determining the extent of selective pressure.

Arabidopsis Research Round-up

Your UK Arabidopsis Research Round-up this week includes a mixed bag of research, including a basic study that could help improve biofuel production, work on differential metabolism of sphingolipids in pollen, analysis of leaf movements of Arabidopsis plants grown in space, and more!


Arabidopsis Research Round-up

Some interesting and diverse papers in the Arabidopsis Research Round-up this week – check out these offerings from the University of Warwick, University College London, John Innes Centre, University of Cambridge and University of Leicester.


Arabidopsis Research Round-up

Here’s your Arabidopsis Research Round-up for this week!

Arabidopsis Research Round-up

Lots of new and interesting papers to catch up on from the New Year break this week. Fans of proteomics will be happy as we have three proteomics papers fromEdinburgh, Cambridge and Birmingham!

Requests for Comment

RFC001: Arabidopsis Data API controlled vocabulary draft specification

The Araport team has developed a lightweight controlled vocabulary for use in newly-created web service APIs. The objective is to minimize confusion among services when users are making related queries. We wish for the community to examine the initial draft before we commence work on using the specification in development of production web services.

The current draft can be found at the Araport GitHub.

Comments are open until May 30, 2015.

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